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Related article: Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17 31st 24 -0500 From: Ringmaster u003cacademygm hotmail. com u003e Subject : Bell 13 July 2007 February 23 clock Once we have proved what I knew about the new birth of Cupid, was n And I left the hospital. Cupid had realized I was looking for bit nervous and distracted, and immediately made me leave when I told Why him. I paused, and shipped back home. Inside, I cried. ? " Honey, I` m home where " " In the study, Stef, "recalled Cade nearby. It was adopted mothers of age study so I could write a series of mysteries. I loved his work, but was I definitely biased in their favor. He did not get what is still unpublished, but I knew it was coming soon. I even offered to promote their first book to a publisher, but Cade wanted to read his work for service, do not know who was the author. I got into the studio to see Cade with his elbows on the table, arms up, , Pedo Incest Stories and the head in his hands. He looked at me with a smile. "Do you have knows how to make me happy when you call me honey? "I asked. Was so nice it made my heart hurt. " I have loved so long and never dared to get into this role. He dreamed, but always with reality , that could never happen there, sitting in front of my head. " I ran to him and turned his chair back so I could kneel and look at it. " Now it is true, "I said. " And I could not be happier, n You will always find their way. " I jumped up and kissed my love so deep I could. took a few minutes before I could bear me away, but the end it did, and again Pedo Incest Stories kneel. "Guess what I found today. " " Well, "said Cade, " by the look on his face, I would say it is, is will make me very happy. " " I am not God, I thought he was God. " I said, " Again, in English, "Cade said, " Please. " " Aphrodite may have given birth to me, " I said," but I 'm not your successors. I am the successor of Hera. ""God of eternal love, marriage and birth? " Cade said. He paused and looked at me. " Well, the cause of the birth of a great sense now. " kept my face in his hands. " Does that Pedo Incest Stories mean you can go for Cupid pairs together, and you'll deal with them when they are in the hot volatile phase ? " " Yes," I said with a smile. He knew how much it hurts to do People fall in love and then see things fall apart, if the direct pleasure finished. I was a romantic. Cade leaned to kiss over again, and I was in pure pleasure. A few minutes later, pulled away and smiled. " I love you, Stef," he added whispered. " I love you Pedo Incest Stories too, Cade," I replied. A tear started to run down her cheek when she smiled. " Look, what do I do?" He said with a smile. He himself saw his face and s became angry. " While you're here... " he suggested. " bad", I said, smiling still completely unable to stop. " But I had other plans. " I reached intoPocket and pulled out a small box. Lift the lid that gave him and showed him in the ring. "Cade Marriott, you marry me? " fell on his knees with me and suggested me almost to kiss me that hard. I kissed back with all he had. When he finally moved back, I said, " I take it as not " laughed. " Yes, yes, yes. Every part of my soul, yes. I would like to to marry, Stefanos Kereanoi. I will always be with you. Wanted that more than you have. " He reached Drawing hand and put the ring on his fingers. It was a simple band, with a row of small diamonds along the instead of a great center, as most engagement rings. Cade knew liked shiny things, but not color. By the look on his face as he looked in the ring, had done well. He got up and gave a hand to s me and lifted me to my feet. Bear right and then a kiss, a kiss the love and joy, a kiss that told us that they belong together. I means every second of it. I was his. " Do not you two ever go outside ? " Asked a familiar voice, pre -teen s behind me. I broke the kiss with a smile. " Come here, HEK," I said, turning to him. "Do you have something to show. " Cade came to him and dropped the chair on the screen. " What'cha for me? " He asked. Cade put his hand between the screen and Hector. "What ?" I asked. " Why are you waving your hand in front of the screen? " " Can not you see the ring? " I asked. " Sure," said Hector. "But do I really see what you , unless it is shameful. I did not know there was a new ring. It pretty. " He looked at us. "That 's it," he asked. " I thought you had to show me something cool. " " Hector," Cade said, quietly. " Stef asked me to marry him " eyes Hector expanded. Then he smiled. N "About twice if officer. Is it still legal? " " must be very soon," said Cade. " The prohibitions of the law of marriage age and have been in the old world. Most peopleSonas agree that the rules have to change now that men with men to testify. Well, gross things, " " now, " interrupted Hector. " You think of the children sex, especially you two. " " do not have yet? On " Cade said. N " My wife and I were crazy when I did, "said Hector. " I am part of this world of gods and still weirds me point out that a child ten age, has a wife, and he is the only one left on the planet that is "I said. " and that his marriage is several thousand years as you or your spouse. And that is his wife Angie. Y... " Cade put his finger on my lips. " You'll make your head off, "he said. " Just stop thinking about how s brother and sister. They were married before they were born. The brother was only s of a facade. " I nodded, and then soaked eyes and licked her fingers in her mouth. " Gross, I am, " Hector said, and ran from the room. Cade approached a the door and closed it behind him. we have not abandonedThe temperature for several hours. *** 06th clock 04 Dinner Table - Silver Bells " Dad, Grandpa, Mike, octopus Reverend, Hermes, " I said, trying any n to the table. Almost never saw Victor no more, and Mike was seven months pregnant with her son. Police work is consumed his life. "We has an announcement to make. " Cade was silent at my side, holding from the source. "I asked Cade to marry me and she said yes," he said. I Cade took her hand, while waiting for a response. " We knew that," Dad and Grandpa said in unison, twice with the same voice and tone it. "But congratulations. That 's great to be together. " I was forgotten, once again, that Hector one with them, so I knew how to As soon as he did. Mike, on the other side was almost jumping in front of his chair in excitement. screwed me and pressed me so hard that I could not breathe. "This is wonderful ! " He said. Cade was released and pulled in "and that Victor will take this as a sign of Propoyes, " she whispered. octopus Pedo Incest Stories Reverend got up and walked towards me. " You know, I can not punish a it, " he said. " And I do not approve... officer. " A tear rolled on the cheek. " But is that two, "he said at last. " It feels so good for me, to separate the real sin would be. You're so perfect Pedo Incest Stories together. There will be a long period of slow change, before officially give my blessing as a man of God, but you have my staff only is a man. " " And that means the best for us, " Cade said warmly. I turned to the more attractive skinny blonde at the table, looked at the about eighteen. N " Tomorrow afternoon, March 00 clocks clock time zones," that it said. " so soon? " Hermes said. " All my family are gods, " I said. " You can do it now, if necessary. Cade's immediate family is in town, and can teleport a someone in the distance. " " However, the agreements, " protested Hermes. " will be ready, " I said. " If I am the true god of marriage,I is able to establish a spectacular wedding in a few hours. " " You are what you "asked the Rev. octopus. " god of marriage, birth and lasting relationships, "he said. " This morning I found that Eros is the desire and romance of God. I am of of the family. My strength much more sense to me now. " " So Eros replacement of Aphrodite, and you are the Hera, "said Hermes. " I included in the note. " He got up and approached us. " A good. Everyone in this list, I have communicated in an hour. Congratulations to both, and I will see at the wedding. "With the boy disappeared. " Damn, that is efficient, "said Mike. " He's been around for thousands of our secretary, Pedo Incest Stories "she said Dad. " It is deeply embedded his soul. " " Well, everybody, "he said, pushing my chair in" I apologize for missing a with the rest of the night, but I have to evoke a wedding.. " I smiled Cade and gave him a quick kiss, and then left the room itself *** 07th 17 hours The Garden - GoldBell, s is to make a wedding hall is easy with the Force dance with your station of a god. I n an amphitheater in the garden where the water was mirror. I could go back to the pool when it done. The center of the maze levels of flowers have been replaced with seats. The natural inclination of maze was perfect for the occasion. A long the red carpet stretched from the other rings of the labyrinth to the the stage of the amphitheater. The upper area of the circular garden whole process was the Rose Garden. cushioned chairs were white and had the armrest cupholder pushily and tissue donors, along with a packet of powder bright that people could throw if you have a copy of security, of course, was married. Dust evaporate, if it can or will meet the ground. Among the white chairs a lush carpet n in the grass of the field, and I did some spongy ground, to be is even easier to make. The red carpet went up three stepsthe marble podium of the amphitheater, , and finished with a thick red cushions, so that before Zeus, who had succeeded to his knees officiate. Do not let the courts have been willing to marry men each have else yet, but if we could under the laws of Olympus, then the courts WED easy to accept our marriage, when it ratified the minutes of marriage. Zeus has been suggested that only marry one of the few states that had more than progressive, like Vermont or Hawaii. So beautiful were these places, I really wanted Pedo Incest Stories areas that were personal to me and Cade, including the Rose Garden was probably the most special of them. It was when she kissed me for the first time, where he first admitted his feelings for me. since n I was impressed by the place marked with a red bow and pink roses around every turn. I returned from my dreams under the Arch, the work continues in the amphitheater. I browned the edges of a pair of columns in both forward vertices, then a circle with wreaths. In the center, behind the podium , I sprang an olive tree, tall and wide enough to accommodate the podium. The olive tree looking at us and protect us. It was the symbol of Athena , the symbol of Kelly, my best friend, killed by O'onerut. Cade understand immediately. No wedding would be one of us there is no real Kelly Pedo Incest Stories n there, if only in spirit. From the branches hang small chains the twinkling of bells. The garden was completed. *** July 14, 2007 March 04 the clock The amphitheater - bronze bells I was standing next to the scenario, all seats filled to capacity with family members and friends. Zeus was beside me, the first on stage. I My father walked down the aisle, and sat in his seat the honor in the front. The grandfather was with him. In the course, the father of the seat Cade was still empty. Cade and his father would be the last standing on, in his insistence. I wanted the "bride " in your ceremony. For me it would be my girlfriend, my boyfriend, my love, my email isodo. My sponsor was Mike, of course, and Victor Cade was so they could be together in the wedding party. I Pedo Incest Stories almost jumped for joy Pedo Incest Stories when he told Victor could not. Several of his companions were in the audience as good. Rev. Octopus was in the audience instead of in the following line, as I wanted, he can be. He said it was too early for him to be in gay weddings, Pedo Incest Stories but could still be a spectator. James refused to go with it. Some other friends of mine were on my side as witnesses, including Paul, who helped rescue orphans at Christmas, when Cade was finally again in my life, from damage taken by the Vaneel. I have worked to him about the problem of orphans, but only in a human, as dictated by by the rules of Zeus. Cade had friends who had, in college, but mostly by the intervention of Mike. Cade once reclusive of custom, only the interaction with the family, so your buddy list that were not"mine more or Mike T was empty. He seemed to need more than ever. once told me that he prefers quality over crowd when it comes to friends. His next hearing was half of of his family, friends, and divide in half. for me were the gods, demigods, heroes and monsters, or even an intelligent two. Hector, our ring bearer was sitting in the back row, where he stopped Hades, so he could pet Cerberus. was time. to play the wedding march began... And it was interrupted by a shot. at first I was stunned, not knowing if what he heard was real, but everyone started to react immediately. Mortals in the field of quickly and gods feet. Hades and Cerberus worked on roses, Cerberus cry. I heard the roar of an engine and six motorcycles were filled by the hedges, the drivers had in the helmets and rifles on their backs. One of them was holding a megaphone. "Marriage is an abomination club in the eyes of God," cried the man. "Our group that has held a position, and , we will stop until it is needed in the same way until you stop trying to monsters ! Those who survive can tell the world that the Knights of Virtue is not stand for terror ! " With that, he moved again, the coats they wear, for the program mass of wires and electronic devices each had tied around him. All were rigged to explode. The suicide bombers. "The fag - lover! "With the megaphone cried, and the other to him several times in the choir and everyone keeps is a remote control. The explosions were strong, but only harm our eardrums. Zeus held a of them in a protective Pedo Incest Stories barrier, so they were and their bikes the only things destroyed. Unfortunately, no trace of them was burned when the explosions off. " Are you Pedo Incest Stories okay ? "Named Zeus. " Is anyone hurt? " it was the most sad, melancholy neighing I ever heard said in harmony only a three-headed dog could. " Cade, " I sighed. \\ \\ n *** June 15 clock Rose Arch - iron bells I ran down the hall to the rear, at the Rose Garden. I turned to see Cade 's father kneeling on the floor, my love is held in his arms. the blood flowed from the mouth of Cade, but his black tuxedo concealed the wound. the eyes of his s were open, looking lifeless in space. Cerberus took place n and ran a few meters Hades, nor crying. My world had ended. No time for us, There is no place for us, What is this thing that builds our dreams, However, slips away from us. Who wants to live forever, , who wants to live forever..... ? there is no opportunity for us, has quite decided for us, this world Pedo Incest Stories are just a sweet moment Set aside for us. Who wants to live forever, , who Pedo Incest Stories wants to live forever..... ? Now my tears with your lips, Touch my world with your fingers touching, And you can always And we can love forever, Forever is our today. Who wants to live forever, , who wants to live forever..... ? n If you expect more? *** the authorNotes: " Who Wants to Live Forever " (1985 ) was written by Brian May of Queen. The format of the story was inspired by "The Bells " by Edgar Allan Poe. is a new chapter in the thoughts and memories on the blog. Blog: http://geocities. com/waterbearer99/blog. html My e- mail, for those who just want to talk to me : hotmail academygm. com The following story "Orpheus Remixed" The conclusion of this trilogy of short stories. not over yet.
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